My name is Susanna Rantanen. You’ll find me as @RantanenSusanna on social media. I am an entrepreneur and growth lover in all aspects of life. I jumped on the entrepreneurial band wagon in 2010 when I started my first business Heebo. As if that wasn’t enough to kill the appetite, my husband and I co-founded Employee Experience Agency Emine in November, 2012.

I preach and practice from the lovely Helsinki, Finland.

Going back to my childhood, my aspirations were always on self actualization. I wrote, I drew, I painted, I sang in a choir, I played a violin, I sewed and knitted, I acted in different sorts of performance groups..

In the mid 90’s I graduated from high school and went on to study marketing and PR to an English university. I found my passion in influencing people through stories.

However, not a long after my graduation and return back to Finland, I was offered a job in HR.

I know, it took me by a surprise as well! But I found my calling. And as my HR experience developed, I started to bring my love for writing, speaking and influencing people into my role as an HR. I connected HR with communications and marketing the way I knew: content. At first I developed content internally for employees and people managers. With the rise of social media, I expanded and started to blog and write columns.

Today, as an entrepreneur me and my team guide and inspire modern growth companies to design and storify their company culture and employee experiences into a strategic business advantage. I’ve been called as the “number one brand of modern HR in Finland” – an identity I carry with pride in an industry where traditions and conservative thinking are the name of the game. I also have a huge professional crush on Jack Welch – and it has been approved by his wife Suzy.

I used social media and content marketing to build my personal expertise brand

I’ve built my businesses and my personal expertise brand through social media. Through documenting my entrepreneurial journey and sharing my tips, experiences, ups and downs, I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to use social media for professional benefit. I blog about how I use my professional skills and knowledge to build my business, my company brand as well as my personal brand.

Some of you might be further along than I am, some of you are probably climbing the same hills. and the rest of you are most likely aspiring entrepreneurs. Who ever you are, I hope you enjoy my journey as an entrepreneur. Please engage with me, comment, share your story or ask questions – or do it all! I hope sharing my experiences and tips will give you value.

Hugs & love,rantanensusanna1

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