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Hello you!

I'm Susanna.

I teach branding, marketing and communications for driven HR Industry professionals who want to take matters into their own hands and build the life and career they dream of!

And who are you?

You work either in house with talent acquisition or employer branding, or you are an independent consultant in recruiting, career councelling or employer branding. 

What you want is to learn how to use branding, marketing and communication to build your career with the help of branding, marketing and communications. When you know how to leverage the power of words and visual, you can achieve your goals, get results and build the career and life you dream of.

Perhaps you are on your way of becoming a successful entrepreneur? That’s why you want to learn how to build a personal brand to get clients and become a trusted authority in your field!

I know how to help you because I’ve done it myself. And look at me smiling now living the life I deserve!

Get a taste of what you can learn with me from any of these free downloads and becoming part of my tribe.


Icon Talent Marketing Roles eBook written by Susanna Rantanen

Discover Your Ideal Role in Talent Marketing

Do you desire building a career in recruitment marketing and employer branding? Then this eBook is perfect for you! I wrote it for talents like you who want to learn more about career directions and opportunities to develop in this new profession!

icon Building a Modern Employer Brand

Building the Modern Employer Brand

Do you struggle with getting impact with your employer branding attempts? Download this free eBook I wrote about Building a Modern Employer Brand in a information-overloaded digital world and learn why so many employers do inefficient employer branding.

icon personal branding eBook written by Susanna Rantanen

Getting Started with Personal Branding in the HR Industry

Personal branding has made a huge impact in my career and attracted so many opportunities to me I probably would not have received unless I became known as the professional I am. This eBook gives you the very simple first steps in getting started with personal branding.

Want to take your branding, marketing and communication in the HR Industry on a new level?

Here is what I do:



Online coaching programs customised to your goals

My coaching programs are typically around 12 weeks and consist of a suite of selected educational video and audio content as well as remote support and personalized online coaching. I teach employer branding for in-house talent acquisition, personal branding for HR Industry professionals and you can also become Certified with my Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ for modern employer branding. I accept and welcome new students periodically to make sure I have enough time to invest in your learning.


Speaking engagements and podcast appearances

I love sharing my knowledge to my audiences. When I speak, I speak for my audience and tailor my messages to inspire and compel my audience to act. I know this because my audiences tells me so. The thing is, when I speak, I use the same techniques I teach for my students. Needless to say, I talk about talent branding, marketing and communications, but also how I’ve built my personal brand as an entrepreneur.




Modern Employer Branding & Marketing Services

Interested in how my team at Finland’s leading Employer Branding Agency Emine can help your company to influence and convert talent audiences with Magnetic Employer Brand™️ and communication that convinces and converts? We currently cater to businesses in Finland or operating from Finland.

Listen to this leading & much loved employer branding podcast!

The Building a Modern Employer Brand podcast

In this much loved employer branding podcast recorded at Susanna’s home, she shares her knowledge, experiences and stories on branding, marketing and communications for HR Industry professionals!

New episode every Wednesday!

Susanna Rantanen

About me

I’m a business owner, #1 Modern Employer Branding expert & consultant in Finland, a podcaster, speaker, and a branding, marketing and communications coach for driven HR Industry professionals. I’m also a wife, mom, and a very loyal friend with a wicked sense of humor.

My background

I started with HR and HR marketing when social media did not exist and there were no business blogs or career sites.

Yes, thank you very much. I’m blessed with great genes and I am obsessive about taking care of my skin. I suffered from acne as a teenager and when I got rid of it, I decided never to let my skin make me feel so low again.

I’m also an introvert who, as a new entrepreneur, feared picking up the phone for cold calling in 2010 when I started my first business. Not the most ideal start for solopreneurship..

Luckily, I was also blessed with the art of putting words together and a huge motivation to find ways to avoid calling stranger. Us introverts are not good with strangers.

This motivation led me to discover how leverage marketing and communications to instead of cold calling.

As a by product, I developed my own brand and realized I could apply the same techniques when helping our agency clients in recruitment marketing and employer branding.

About a decade later, we are known as the employer brand industry pioneer and leader in my native Finland. And were also recognized as one of the Top 10 Employer Branding Agencies in Europe in 2020.

In addition to managing our agency and working with clients in Finland, I love teaching branding, marketing and communications to to driven HR industry talents.

I developed my proprietary modern marketing method for employer branding in 2017, the Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️. But this same method is what I used building my own brand as well as my agency brand. And those techniques and tricks I teach online for my students as well.

If you believe in branding, marketing and great communication, and have the will-power to create the life you want, I want to help you to achieve it. What do you say, how soon is soon?

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