Getting Started with Facebook Professional Mode for Content Creators

BLOG HEADER Getting started with Facebook Professional Mode for Content Creators

Facebook Professional Mode is a new setting for us content creators helping us to grow our reach on Facebook.

This new mode enables content creators to add a bundle of professional tools, insights and monetisation products to personal Facebook profiles to build our professional presence on Facebook. Yet, it does not compromise any posts we want to show, only our personal connections.

Facebook Professional Mode – turning it on

  1. Go to your Facebook profile. Not the feed you see when you first access Facebook, but your actual profile.
  2. Below your profile header, on the right-hand side, you’ll find the menu button consisting of three dots (…). Tap on that.
  3. Click on “Turn on professional mode”.
  4. Confirm to turn it on and complete the flow.

If you want to turn off Facebook Professional Mode at any point, find the instructions here.

Getting Started with Facebook Professional Mode

Now that you have turned this mode on, you can start building your professional brand on Facebook, creating and sharing content for Unconnected Distribution.

To fully take advantage of the Professional Mode and unconnected distribution, Facebook recommends optimizing our content in the following three specific ways:

  1. Creating original content. Creators get access to the greatest distribution for the content we have personally created: posts and Reels. The original flavour comes from sharing our unique voices and perspectives, making the content distinctive and engaging. Just what Facebook users prefer, according to Facebook
  2. Optimizing the content for shares. Maximizing our reach requires the people who see our content to want to reshare it to their connections. Content that delights, entertains, sparks meaningful conversations or helps your audience build their brand as a source of helpful or inspirational content does that.
  3. Get recommended by Facebook. Ensure your content complies with Facebook’s rules for integrity and guidelines for recommended content. When you comply with these rules and guidelines, your content will likely get picked up and be shown in the “Suggested for You” posts for users who like the type of content you create.

Wait, what does Unconnected Distribution mean?

Remember, when you create a post on Facebook, you can choose who sees it.

Like me, you probably share content only for the eyes of your Facebook “friends”.

You have the share to friends only on default, and you have not paid attention to the option of sharing the post with the public instead of just your Facebook friends.

The public, as in anyone, is your “unconnections”. Unconnected distribution means you are sharing your Facebook post with people you are not connected with.

You simply choose who you want to see your post when you create the post. The Facebook algorithm then distributes it to users likely to be interested in the type of content you just posted.

Start with Reels

My tip for you is to start with Reels.

I don’t post Reels for my friends and family. Heck, I don’t even create Reels content for personal purposes. But I create lots of Reels for professional purposes.

Reels simply make it easy to start taking advantage of the Professional Mode.

Not to mention, short-form video content happens to be content most social media users love right now!

Another tip, because I don’t post personal Reels, I set public sharing on default for Reels on Facebook.

That way, I don’t forget to target my Reels for the Unconnected Distribution.

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