The secret to building the modern employer brand (video)

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There is a secret to building the modern employer brand, and I explain it in this video.

Building the modern employer branding highlights your target audience, not your business

My Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️ is based on the principle that successful employer branding involves ensuring your target audience can see and feel a place for them in your story.

It’s not about highlighting yourself and your company. It’s about an employer brand that speaks directly to what your target audience searches for.

This method goes beyond the traditional approach to employer branding. It takes into account the audience’s needs and centres the story around them.

By using this employer branding strategy, employers can better ensure that their goals and objectives related to employer branding are achieved.

The Magnetic Employer Branding Method™️

Imagine if the shortage of the right talent was not slowing down your business growth.

What if your business was regularly able to attract and hire talents ideal to your strategic needs, values, and culture?

Imagine having a systematic, modern employer branding method taking away those pains.

Would you be interested in learning how?

What makes this modern employer branding method a paradigm shift in employer branding?

It proposes a role reversal, positioning the target audience as the hero in your employer branding story.

“Talent is the hero in your employer branding story.”

Susanna Rantanen

This method applies storytelling and the science of persuasion to formulate a sharp point of view for you as the employer.

According to this method, your employer branding story has two main characters:

  • Talent is the hero.
  • Your company is their trusted guide and work-to-life advisor.

Applying this method makes us rethink our employer branding messages to align with the role reversal:

  • What critical needs, pain points, struggles and expectations will our target audience likely go through that we can solve as their employer?
  • How can we sponsor them to achieve a better work-to-life through our organisational culture, beliefs, values, ways of work, career opportunities and the benefits we offer?

Taming the information overload with a systematic marketing approach

Most employers are using content and social media to promote their jobs and careers these days.

And that can easily be a massive problem for you.

The information overflow took away attention as a default. This led to marketers fighting for the same thing: sustainable attention.

If you measure your talent (HR) marketing impact at all, you have probably noticed how little impact, if any, your content and social media marketing creates.

The easiest way to win attention is by promoting your vacancies. Yet most employers are struggling in the war for talent!

The systematic marketing approach in this modern employer branding method gives you the assets to tame the information overflow and win sustainable attention from your target audience.

Watch this video to learn how to achieve a truly relevant employer brand.

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